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Figure # Part # Description Qty. Req'd Choose Qty     Price (ea)     Sales Price (ea)
10682220HEX HD CAPSCREW, 3/4-10X2-1/2,GR84$1.99
24892200WASHER, 3/44$1.15
31001097360FOAM GASKET SEAL1$9.20
1020641506HEX HD CAPSCREW, 5/16-18X3/4, GR57$10.14
1040641514HEX HD CAPSCREW, 5/16-18X1-3/4, GR52$0.86
1144711500WASHER, 5/16, (Before S/N 0160035834)(100 PACK)11$4.12$3.83
4700500WASHER, 5/16, (S/N 0160035834 & After)9QUOTE
1301001080780ENGINE POD FRAME1$7141.01
1311001080791HOOD SUPPORT1$445.82
1361001096183REAR ENGINE MOUNT1$566.12
1501001081036WASHER, 0.375X1.251$1.65
1524711400WASHER, 1/4(100 PACK)4$4.27$3.97
1630641406HEX HD CAPSCREW, 1/4-20X3/4, GR55$7.38$6.86
2010100011LOCTITE, #2421$80.55
2038305626HEX LOCK NUT, 5/16-18, (Before S/N 0160035834)11$0.12
8305626HEX LOCK NUT, 5/16-18, (S/N 0160035834 & After)9$0.12
2041001108181BUTTONHEAD SCREW, 5/16-18X3/47QUOTE
2051001108191BUTTONHEAD SCREW, 5/16-18X1 3/415$1.05
2061001081414GAS SPRING1$23.49
2071001108180WASHER, 5/1610$1.20
2091001096180RUBBER BUMPER2$2.68
2101001081262FRONT ENGINE COVER,1$444.97
2111001108243BUTTONHEAD SCREW, 5/16-18X2.51QUOTE
2121001081267ENGINE HOOD, (includes items 201, 702 thru 709 & 711 thru 718),1$2519.41
2141001081258REAR ENGINE COVER, (includes items 601 thru 602),1$640.50
2191001081190ENGINE DOOR, (includes 2 of items 114 & 203 & items 504, 506, 509 & 901), (Before S/N 0160035834)1QUOTE
1001081254ENGINE DOOR, (includes items 504, 506, 508 & 509),, (S/N 0160035834 & After)1$710.13
2213311408NUT, 1/4-20, GR22$1.16
1001091912FRAME COMPONENT ASSY, (includes items 301 thru 314)1QUOTE
3021001080196FUEL TANK COVER ASSY, (includes items 401 thru 405)1$317.99
3041001080091HYDRAULIC TANK COVER1$76.63
3053960622FUEL TANK COVER GASKET1$34.58
3061001080092HYDRAULIC COVER GASKET1$31.66
3081001080944PLUG, (includes o-ring)3$45.82
3101001080198SIGHT GAGE1$40.29
3130681406HEX HD CAPSCREW, 1/4-20X3/4, GR826$2.09
3144711400WASHER, 1/4(100 PACK)26$4.27$3.97
4013380724FUEL TANK COVER1$300.72
4022420205FUEL GAGE1$32.90
40388212210SOCKET HD CAPSCREW, 6-32X3/46$1.12
4044750600WASHER, #6(100 PACK)6$4.84
4051001080162FUEL LEVEL SENDER GASKET1$13.78
5041001096153ENGINE COMPARTMENT DOOR1$581.12
5061001096450COMPRESSION LEVER LATCH1$91.72$85.30
5080791508SCREW, 5/16-18X12$1.11
5091001096187HOOD LATCH BRACKET, (Before S/N 0160035834)1$23.05$21.44
1001103939HOOD LATCH PLATE, (S/N 0160035834 & After)1$29.05
5593450303COTTER PIN(100 PACK)1$4.84
6011001096581REAR COVER1$589.80
7020641506HEX HD CAPSCREW, 5/16-18X3/4, GR59$10.14
7030641508HEX HD CAPSCREW, 5/16-18X1, GR59$7.04
7043290605HEX LOCK NUT, M6X1, GR54$1.04$0.97
7053311505HEX LOCK NUT, 5/16-18, GR2(100 PACK)13$4.83$4.49
7063900210BUTTONHEAD SCREW, 5/16-18X3/44$1.13$1.05
7074711500WASHER, 5/16(100 PACK)22$4.12$3.83
7084751500WASHER, 5/16(100 PACK)9$5.25$4.88
7094811700WASHER, 6mm4$0.92$0.86
7111001096142ENGINE COVER1$1626.09
7121001096144HOOD SUPPORT1$581.05
7131001096148CONTINUOUS HINGE1$29.36
7141001096152COMPRESSION LATCH1$240.18$223.37
7151001096697HOOD ATTACH CLIP7$9.22
7161001096698HOOD ATTACH CLIP2$15.02
7171001096782AIR INTAKE HOOD SEAL1$20.56
7181001097160SELF GRIPPING BULB SEAL15$2.74
9010630468BUTTON HD SCREW, 5/16-18X1, (Before S/N 0160035834)2$1.06

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