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Figure # Part # Description Qty. Req'd Choose Qty     Price (ea)     Sales Price (ea)
2360288Fixed Axle (Standard Stability/Standard Platform)1QUOTE
2360283Oscillating Axle (Standard Stability/Standard Platform1QUOTE
2360322Fixed Axle (2 to 1 Stability/Low Mount Platform)1QUOTE
2360321Oscillating Axle (2 to 1 Stability/Low Mount Platform)1QUOTE
24843094Axle Weldment1QUOTE
42160002FTG-GREASE, .13 PIPE STR1$0.17$0.16
54842621Pin, Pivot1$248.86
63311601Nut 3/8"-16NC1$4.77$4.44
74761600Lockwasher 3/8"1$6.21$5.78
84751600Flatwasher 3/8"1$5.74$5.34
94300034STUD, WELD .38-16X1.001$1.39
101681785Lockout Cylinder Assembly 2$1626.99
114842622Pin (Top)2QUOTE
124842794Pin (Bottom)2$244.14
130641406Bolt 1/4"-20NC x 3/4"4$7.38$6.86
144761400Lockwasher 1/4"4$4.54
4751400Flatwasher 1/4"4$5.73$5.33
101 Spindle - Right Side Options: (Ref.)    
4130207SPINDLE, WELD(RH) TP-1031$1761.97
4130264CSA Spec1QUOTE
0960839Bushing, Bronze2$19.51
102 Spindle Left Side Options: (Ref.)    
4130210SPINDLE, WELD(LH) TP-1031$1959.95
4130265CSA Spec1QUOTE
0960839Bushing, Bronze2$19.51
1032780153Hub, Wheel (Includes Item 107)2$1258.41
1042160002FTG-GREASE, .13 PIPE STR3$0.17$0.16
1051682020Steer Cylinder Assembly1$1368.06
1070630137Stud, Wheel (Part of Item 103)18$27.26
1083300012Nut, Wheel18$7.00
1090721003Bolt #10-24NC x 3/8"6$0.96
1104761000Lockwasher #106$5.42
1111120019CAP, HUB 3/40F;2/50F;1/60F,80F2$30.33
1123450608Pin, Cotter 3/16" x 2"2$7.47
1133322603NUT HEX,1.000-12 REG HT SLOT2$6.19
1144740001WASHER,STL H 2.500X1.062X.2502$4.39
1150440112Cup, Bearing2$10.12
1160440113Cone, Bearing2$19.74
1173960373SEAL, OIL 2.50 X 3.50 X .4382$30.58
1183323003NUT HEX,1.250-12 REG HT SLOT2$4.03
1193450609PIN COTTER .19 X 2.252$1.05
120 Kingpin Options: (Ref.)    
3421340PIN, KING WELD 9.25 LG2$95.36
3421965CSA Spec2$316.66
1210440162Washer, Thrust2$3.58$3.33
1223431622PIN CLEVIS 1.000 X 2.7501$7.68$7.14
1233450608Pin, Cotter 3/16" x 2"1$7.47
1244712600Flatwasher 1"1$10.66$9.91
1250440091Washer, Thrust3$1.91$1.78
1260642628Bolt 1"-8NC x 3 1/2"2$2.35
1270560805Block, Tie-Rod (Right Side)1$332.20
1283312602NUT HEX,1.000- 8 LOW HT2$1.36
1293300175NUT-SPEC LOCK GR5 1.00-14UNC1$2.61$2.43
1300560804Block, Tie-Rod (Left Side)1$220.54
1313300229NUT-SPEC, L.H. JAM 1.25-12 GR21$13.63$12.68
1323323002NUT HEX,1.250-12 LOW HT1$2.23$2.07
1332160003FTG-GREASE, .13 PIPE 45 DEGREE2$1.93

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