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Figure # Part # Description Qty. Req'd Choose Qty     Price (ea)     Sales Price (ea)
0259152Fixed Axle Installation Options: Prior to S/N 67471 All Machines (Tow Not Available)1QUOTE
0272274Fixed Axle Installation Options: S/N 67471 to S/N 72506 Without Tow Package1QUOTE
0272803Fixed Axle Installation: Prior to S/N 725061QUOTE
0272902Fixed Axle Installation Options: S/N 72506 to Present Without Tow Package1QUOTE
0272906Fixed Axle Installation: S/N 72506 to Present1QUOTE
2010100011ADHESIVE,LOCTITE 243 50ML1$80.55
20362932BAR,1.50X3.00X3.50 30-45KSI2$79.26
40641626SCR CAP HH 5,.375-16X3.2502$0.29
1050642012SCR CAP HH 5,.625-11X1.500 QTY=121$10.37$9.64
1070961950BUSHING, COMPOSITE 2 IN.2$10.19$9.48
1123422592PIN, AXLE PIVOT 2.00 X 10.191$100.35
1133841258ROD, .62 X .69 X 4.50 41401$12.31$11.45
10 Shield, Frame Options:    
3574254PLATE,FRONT SHIELD1$96.52
114071002SHIM, 20GA.1$67.02
124070973SHIM,.12X3.00X4.50 A5691$12.57
1204740158WASHER, THRUST 2.011X3.00X.251$7.96$7.40
17 Axle Weldment Options:    
4846072Prior to S/N 654021QUOTE
4846551WELD,AXLE STEER1$1649.36
124A0561300BLOCK, CYL MOUNT2$67.07
0259150Oscillating Axle Installation Options: Prior to S/N 654021QUOTE
0271977Oscillating Axle Installation Options: S/N 65402 to S/N 725061QUOTE
0272900Oscillating Axle Installation Options: S/N 72506 to Present1QUOTE
1020641414SCR CAP HH 5,.250-20X1.7504$1.42$1.32
1040642010SCR CAP HH 5,.625-11X1.2502$2.06
1060682248BOLT, HH CAP SCREW 3/4-10X6.002$2.76
1081100118CAM,LOCKOUT VALVE1$29.72
109 Lockout Cylinder Assembly Options (See Section 5 for breakdown)    
1683575Axle Lockout Cylinder Assemblies: Prior to S/N 654022$990.36
1684139CYL, LOCK OUT 450A2$2319.30
1103272201NUT HEX LOCK,.750-10 GR 82$1.25
2083322201NUT HEX,.750-16 REG HT2$0.56
2123841367ROD,END SPHER W/ZERK2$63.80$59.33
7020180GREASE FITTING1$1.86
115 Hardware Options:    
2143900109SCREW-SPEC, .75 DIAX62-11X1.752$6.75$6.28
3422936PIN,L/O CYL. 3/4 X 5 1/22$16.96$15.77
116 Shield, Frame Options:    
1174567462TUBE,.76X1.00X3.56 A2692$12.36
1184640871VALVE, (3 WAY CAM)1$597.84$555.99
7012693KIT, SEAL1$14.81$13.77
1194711400WSHR FLT . QTY.100(100 PACK)4$4.27$3.97
154751600WSHR FLT.38.44 1.00.083QTY=100(100 PACK)4$5.74$5.34
1224752000WSH.FLT..62.69 1.75.134-QTY-50(50 PACK)4$11.22$10.43
164761600WSH SPG LK. PACK)1$6.21$5.78
124 Axle Weldment Options:    
1254892200WASHER,.75 DIA.4$1.15
1260100019271 LOCTITE 250ML1$176.26
1030641607SCR.CAP.HH,5,.375-16X.875- QTY=1002$10.97
1293841520ROD,KEEPER SHAFT 3/8 X 2.002$13.58
0259148Steering Installation: Without Tow Package1QUOTE
2020440162WASHER, THRUST .12X2.37X1.262$3.58$3.33
2030641606SCR.CP HH5,.375-16X.750-QTY=504$7.04
2040681828SCR CAP HH 8 .500-13 X 3.5004$0.61
2780230HUB,SPINDLE ASSY2$491.44
2073312008NUT HEX, 5/8-11 SER FLG4$1.60$1.49
2093323003NUT HEX,1.250-12 REG HT SLOT2$4.03
2113450808PIN COTTER .25 X 2.002$1.42
213 Tie-Rod Options:    
3841619ROD,TIE ROD2$769.69
215 Shield, Frame Options:    
4060950SHIELD, CYLINDER1$310.10
4061048SHIELD, .25X6.00X18.00 A36 HR1$31.99
2164713000WASHER SAE 1.2502$1.36$1.26
2174751800WSH.FLT.50.56,1.38.109-QTY=50(50 PACK)4$6.28
2184740086WASHER, THRUST .753X1.375X.062$1.55$1.44
3017020033CAP, DUST2$4.57
3027020034SPINDLE, STEER2$359.79
3030961951BUSHING, COMPOSITE 1 1/4 IN.4$4.30$4.00
3040962140BUSHING, COMPOSITE 3/4"2$24.39$22.68
3067020036CAP, BEARING2$18.04
3077020038CUP, BEARING2$20.79
3087020037CONE, BEARING2$32.60
3097020039CONE, BEARING2$38.30
3107020040SEAL, GREASE2$11.60
3117020041STUD, 5/8-18 X 9018$0.83
3137020042NUT, 5/8-18-1" ACCROSS FLATS18$2.24
3147020054NUT, SPINDLE 1-1/4 - 12NF2$6.08
3153450608PIN COTTER .19 X 2.00,QTY=100(100 PACK)2$7.47
3167020055WASHER, SPINDLE 1-1/4" I.D.2$3.49
2360539400S with 500Lbs Capacity (Prior to S/N 72506)1QUOTE
2360625400S with 500Lbs Capacity (S/N 72506 to Present)1QUOTE
2360540400S with 750Lbs Capacity (Prior to S/N 72506)1QUOTE
2360626400S with 750Lbs Capacity (S/N 72506 to Present)1QUOTE

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